‘​I Went to a Members-Only Sex Party—Here’s What Happened’

I’ve been to five sex parties in my time in New York City.And while it started as an assignment, what it blossomed into was a whole new landscape in the way I view, understand, and appreciate sex.A heady combination of excitement, lust, beauty, secrets, happiness, love, shame, and about a million other emotions, we like to talk about sex because it often feels like we’re not supposed to.We like to have sex because it’s just so damn fun.But sex itself can be daunting, intimate, and is often reserved for someone you care about (or someone whose body you care about for a particular evening or a string of evenings).Sex in public is an entirely different beast and, if you’ve never had it before, can be pretty damn terrifying.However, if you can stay with me for the next few minutes, I’ll explain why it is anything but scary.RELATED: 5 Moves That Are Great for Masturbation My first sex party experience was with Behind Closed Doors, a Manhattan-based, members-only party that is strictly held in the most upscale of locations (other party locations can include hotel penthouses or VIP loft spaces).First of all, Behind Closed Doors is a far cry from the stereotypical, infamously rapped sex party scene.New York City sex parties are often thought of as dingy and illicit, thanks to Plato’s Retreat, an Upper West Side sex club that was popular in the late ‘70s and ‘80s.But the modern day scene, especially at Behind Closed Doors, is very, very different.The crowd at Behind Closed Doors swings mostly affluent, as tickets run about $200 per couple, per party, and $100 per single women.But just because you have the cash doesn’t guarantee you entry.Each prospective partier is required to submit an application with photos.And while you don’t have to be on the cover of People magazine to make the cut, you do have to have a firm grasp on personal hygiene.RELATED: The Surprising Sign You’re In A Happy Relationship Only couples or single ladies can apply, and almost everyone admitted is under 45 years old.Another important detail is that men cannot suggest sex or approach a woman.Ladies make all the calls here.And “no” most certainly means no, lest you find yourself banned from all future parties.Beyond that, it’s really anything goes, provided you ask first.Guests can have sex with their partners, swap partners, form factions, or sit back solo and enjoy the show.And there most definitely is a show.By 1 AM, the sex scene had exploded from beyond the playroom to literally any flat surface that was available.A cacophony of moans that rivaled anything you’ve heard on Pornhub echoed up to lofty ceiling.“You don’t need to have sex, but to enter the playroom, you have to be naked.”This was the e-mail invitation I received prior to attending the party – a list of instructions, secret passwords, and do’s and don’ts for proverbial sex party de-flowering.The party started like any other swank Manhattan soiree, save for the fact that I needed a password to get in.(It was “genie.”)

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