3 Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

3 Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

1. Bitilasana, Baby.

Bitilasna is surest way to get Tab A waaaaay into Slot B. Get on all fours doggy-style but really exaggerate the arch of your back so your hips are tipped up enticingly. Get an even deeper feel by pushing your body back with your hands to take him in further or rotate your hips to play with the angle.

2. The Extra Mile.

throwing yourself over the arm of a couch and angling your hips up even higher. Let him hold up your legs all manly-like while he watches himself enter you. If your partner is on the smaller side, has some erection issues.

3. The Wheelbarrow.

Give the wheelbarrow a try if you are up for a challenge and strong as hell. Assume the position, with your arms straight out to the floor, holding your weight while your partner holds up your legs and enters standing from behind.

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