5 Christmas Sex Positions

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Hello friends, today we will talk about, 5 Christmas sex positions.


5 Holiday Sex Moves and the Best Gifts to Go With Them.

Give the gift your partner really wants—you and a sexy new toy.

1.) The Mixologist.

Mix edible flavored lubes like a MFing lube artisan. For a coffee lover, try a trickle of salted caramel with mocha java leading up your thighs—instant caramel mocchiato! For a morning toss, try pomegranate and cinnamon bun for a tart/sweet breakfast theme. Or create a makeshift appletini (lil’ shot of vodka for them, followed a dollop of candy apple on your boobs.) Don’t forget to return the favor, since this is supposedly a gift for them.

2.) Holidays on Ice.

For a pretty broad hint that you’d like to veer a little Fifty Shades, spring for a luxe boxed set of toys. Test it out with one of you face down with wrists bound via silk cuffs. Try a few flicks with a suede whip and go from there. Pleasure/pain mixes work best, ie. Ice followed by your warm mouth, a smart smack then a gentle caress. (If you’re not feeling spendy, put together a starter BSDM kit with a spanking tool, blindfold, and soft restraints in a fancy box from the dollar store.)

3.) The Steam Press.

Make shower sex workable with something to hang onto to get yourselves where you need to be. Press yourself tightly into the corner while he hangs on to handles, propping his foot up on the footrest to get in deep and close. Kind of like spooning while standing, but more intense. (If you accidentally leave the stuff up, it’s good for shaving your legs too.),

4.) The Recurring Dream.

Invest in your future sex lives with an X-rated subscription service. The Naughty and Nice Box delivers monthly surprises including flavored lubes, scented massage candles and a We-Vibe Special Edition couple’s vibrator. To break in the We-Vibe, curl up into a ball with your butt at the edge of the bed. (The smaller end goes inside you and the larger rests against your clit). Use your hand to press it exactly where you want it. He stands at the edge of the bed to enjoy you, a weirdish angle and your magical throbbing.

5.) The Wet and Wild.

If you like things wet (no further questions), get yourself a lush throw that lets you get as messy as you want and no one left with the sad, cold wet spot. Pick a blanket side (velvet microfiber or satiny), then lube the hell out of each other. Seriously, drench yourselves ’til you can barely hang onto each other. Lie on top of him, chest to chest, and slide back and forth, trying to keep him inside you while rubbing your clit on his pelvic bone.

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