7 Sex Positions to Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy

7 Sex Positions to Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy

Should I do it or not? Will it hurt the baby? Don’t let these questions prevent you from leading a pleasurable sex life during pregnancy. Of course, your libido may have hit a low or your fatigue and nausea may not allow you to indulge in the carnal act. But, if either of these circumstances don’t hold true for you, then having sex during pregnancy is quite normal and safe. Unless, your doctor advises you to remain a celibate during the entire term due to a peculiar medical condition or complication.

We have rounded up 7 positions that will not only satiate your sexual appetite, but are also safe and comfortable for you as well as the tiny life growing inside you.

Woman on the Top

This is a comfortable position for the moms-to-be as this does not exert any pressure on your belly. As you lie on top of him you can even choose the depth of penetration. This one is in fact considered to be the best position during this time.


You lie side by side in this position with your husband lying behind you. Let him cuddle you and get all naughty as you lay in the bed. Bend your knees a bit and poke your hips towards him. However, it is suggested to refrain from lying on the right side.


Lie down on the bed facing one another. Place your top leg over his hip and the bottom one against his leg. Put your arm around his waist as he pulls you closer to get into the act.

Edge of the Bed

Popularly known as Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos position, this sex position is also apt for pregnant women. As the name suggests, you lie on the edge of a bed with knees bent and your partner standing on the floor facing you. This one is quite like the missionary position, but the benefit is that you don’t have to bear his body weight on you.

On the Chair

Sit comfortably on a chair and allow him to kneel down in front of you to get into the act. Pregnant women swear by this one as it is one of the most comfortable positions. Man sitting on the chair and woman sitting on his lap facing him is another position that allows penetration, but does not exert pressure on your belly.

Rear Entry

Rear entry also known as doggy style is a position in which you get on your knees or all four and your partner stands on his knees behind you to get into the act.

Policeman Position

Nicknamed the “Policeman” position because it’s like you are being frisked by the police. You stand facing the wall, slightly leaning towards it and your partner stands behind you. Place your palms on the wall and set your legs apart to indulge in the intercourse.

Just remember, that whichever position you choose, your partner should be forewarned to be gentle with you.

In case, you experience a prolonged cramping during or after intercourse; or notice bleeding, you should immediately seek your medical practitioner’s help.

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