8 Sex Toys Invented By Women Specifically For Female Pleasure

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8 Sex Toys Invented By Women Specifically For Female Pleasure

Let’s be honest: As great as sex can be, sometimes all you want to do is hang out in bed and make yourself feel good, all in the comfort of your own home. While shopping for your personal pleasure can be a little daunting, sex toys invented by women can ensure that the vibrators, dildos, and other items in your nightstand are an ideal pick for you and your body. They’re some of the most effective and highly-rated ones out there, and definitely worth a try (or three).”

While the history of sex toys is pretty well-known, specific inventors aren’t always made famous through their creations. Normally, entire companies or groups of designers are credited with the creation of a sex toy, like how the company Vibratex became famous for the invention of the most popular vibrator ever, The Rabbit.

Recently, though, with the help of crowdfunding platforms and social media, women inventors have been coming out of the woodwork with their innovative sex toys and vibrators. Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman recently joined forces to create Dame Products, a company that hopes to change the way women orgasm, while reproductive health expert Stephanie Berman designed a sex toy called the Semenette (now known as the Pop Dildo) that can help same-sex couples conceive. But don’t just take our word for it — check out these awesome sex toys invented at women. After all, at the end of the day, nobody knows better than you what feels good for your body, and there’s really only one way to find your ultimate sex toy: trying ’em yourself.

1. This Sleek Statement Piece For Great Orgasms

2. A Couples Vibrator For Clitoral Stimulation

3. A Magic Wand From The Company That Invented The Rabbit

4. This Hand-Poured Silicon Vibrator Is Great For Beginnings

5. A Vibrator Curved For G-Spot Stimulation

6. A Durable, Hygienic, And Gentle Pick

7. A Multipurpose Toy That Mimics Ejaculation

8. This Interchangeable Vibrator Personalizes Your Experience