An Arab Christian Israeli Transgender to compete at Miss Israel 2018

Song: If I were girl (cover by Jason Chen)

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Talleen Abu Hanna won Miss Trans israel in 2016 , Abu Hanna went on to win second place in the Miss Trans Star Internacional Beauty Pageant 2016 which was held in Barcelona on September 17th. she also appeared in the eighth season of the Israeli edition of Big Brother. Talleen announced that she will be competing in the upcoming Miss israel pageant.

Fun Fact: Being Trans is NOT a choice because science has proved that transgender brains are wired differently than a normal brain. I hope this little bit of information below shed light on the subject and spread a little bit of knowledge that could potentially lead to understanding and hopefully a higher tolerance of trans people.

Like the normal male embryo, the male to female Transsexual brain starts out female. Then between the 8th and 24th weeks, the ‘XY’ chromosomes introduce testosterone hormonal changes, but the hormonal washes as faulty. They are either insufficient or ill-timed. When this happens, the fetus develops a male body. However, some of the default (original) female brain processes remain intact. Thus, the brain’s gender identity remain intact. Thus, the brains gender identity remains female. This means that Transsexual males whose process of brain masculinization was incomplete, Their default female brains still function. The degree of arrested development can vary. The original brain circuitry that was missed in the masculinizing process provides a continuing feminine influence. This explains why many Transsexuals, biological males know, from as early as 3 years old, that they are actually members of the opposite sex.

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