Anal Sex Best Sex Positions

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Anal Sex best positions that will help you enjoy anal sex with your partner without pain and have amazing deep anal orgasms


Sex positions are very important for anal sex. Women in general are a bit scared of having anal sex because they think it will hurt, but you can avoid that using the correct sex positions and the correct techniques.

In this video I share with you the best 4 positions to try anal sex, which are the following:

1. Sideways cuddle: The best one as she will be relaxed and feel protected and safe

2. She lying on her back: Here her muscles are very relaxed as well and is great to start

3. She on top: this one is great for her, as she will be in control of the deepness of the penetration and the rhythm.

4. Doggy Style: This one is the most exciting visually, but is also the most difficult. Try this one once she is used to it and ready, as her muscles will be more tense in this one.

Try them out tonight!


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