Best Sex Positions To Conceive Baby Twins | How to get pregnant twins baby naturally

Best Sex Positions To Conceive Baby Twins | How to get pregnant twins baby naturally | 孕妇最好的性行为| 如何得到怀孕双胞胎宝宝自然 | बेबी जुड़वाँ को धारण करने के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ सेक्स स्थिति | कैसे गर्भवती जुड़वा बच्चे को स्वाभाविक रूप से पाने के लिए | Meilleures positions sexuelles pour concevoir Baby Twins | Comment devenir enceinte bébé jumeaux naturellement | أفضل مواقع الجنس على الحمل التوائم الطفل | كيفية الحصول على التوائم الحوامل الطفل بشكل طبيعي |

The most important thing when trying to conceive twins is for the woman to release more than one egg in a process called hyper ovulation.

so let’s see how can it be possible by your Sex Positions.

1. Missionary Style Position to Conceive Twins:

The missionary position allows the ejaculated sperm to be deposited very close to the cervix.

Depositing the sperm very close to the cervix will help ensure that ?a large amount of sperm are able to enter into the woman’s reproductive system.

It is simply aiding the sperm in their journey to the egg.

2. Doggy Style Position to have Twins::

Doggy Style is the second deep penetration style for conceiving Twins.

Similarly to the missionary position, the doggy style allows for the sperm to be released very close to the cervix.

This position requires the woman to be on her fours( arms and leg). The man then penetrate from behind.

It is important that the man ejaculates deeply into the woman.

It is important that after sex the woman should lie on her back for 20-30 minutes. Lying down on your back would make sure that the semens doesn’t fall back out.

If the woman stands up immediately after sex there is a high probability the semens would leak out.

3. The Anvil Sex Position to Conceive Twins:

The Anvil Sex position is a modified missionary style. But it allows for deeper penetration by allowing the woman’s legs to rest on the shoulder of the man.

4. Woman on Top:

In this position, the woman is on top and her feet is flat on the bed. The sex position offers deep penetration.

The only downside of this sex position when intentional trying to conceive is that there is a possibility of some of the semens falling out.

That is why I would recommend the first three positions we talked about.

Remember if you choose to use this position the woman should lie ?down on her back for 20 – 30 mins to prevent some of the semens from dripping out.

5. One Leg on Shoulder:

The woman splits her leg. One of her leg is put up into the air to rest on the man’s shoulder. While the other leg is on the bed.

This position also allows for deep penetration with the man having the ability to pull the woman closer to him for even more deeper penetration.

This is ideal for couples who are flexible.

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