Big Tittie Sex Fantasy JOI

I was 21 in 1992 when I moved in with Luke. We had known each other in school, but hadn’t spoken in years. But when I saw his advert, we caught up, and I moved into the spare room to help with the rent.

The internet was non-existent back then. Later talks with Luke revealed that he had never seen porn. He’s only ever seen titties in the odd movie, and his moms when he was young. He had never seen an open pussy, or people fucking, and he too was a virgin. He said he’d rarely masturbate, just when his balls needed it. And it would never be to anything. Just laying in bed, using his imagination.

He used to work early in the morning, and hence would go to bed early. I would stay up to stroke my cock. I had a good collection of porno on VHS, and would sprawl out on the couch, watching them, and pleasuring myself.

But one night, I was caught. It was after the opening tease, and I was really giving myself a good fap to the handjob that happened next! Then he walked in.

“I knew it!” he said. “I thought I’d been hearing you out here masturbating on my couch!”

“Now, settle down,” I said. “Come sit here, and we’ll discuss this.”

I did up my pants and beckoned him to the couch. He came over, and the porno caught his eye. He was unable to turn away. He sat down next to me and we watched in silence for a few minutes. The girl started titty fucking the man, and I reached over and started rubbing his cock outside his pants, which had grown nice and hard by now.

“No, stop…” he said.

“I’ll stop if you really want me to,” I said. “Is that really what you want?”

“No…”he whispered and I kept stroking. I undid his pants and pulled out his erect and throbbing member, and started to really pound away. The girl went down on the man, and I went down on Luke. I was sucking vigorously when he protested again.

“Don’t, don’t, this is wrong..” he started.

“Is it?” I asked. “You want me to stop?”

Once again, he breathed heavily, and let out a whisper, “no..”

I kept sucking until I tasted the pre-cum, and then I got up and sat next to him. His cock was throbbing like never before, and ejaculation was imminent. “You feel that?” I said. “That uncontrollable urge to wank?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“That’s how I feel all the time,” I said. “Now wank with me.” Our eyes were fixed to the screen as we pounded our cocks to the couple that were now fucking each other. I looked over and saw Luke bust out a thick load of first-time porno cum, that drooled out like a sludge, and continued to gush for half a minute. It was too much, and I popped a thick load out, that shot up in the air like a rocket.

He understood from there on in. Every night before bed, he’s come to me and ask “are you ready to wank?” I’d suck him sometimes. I’d let him fuck my ass sometimes. But we would always cum in our hands. I really wanted him to experience the rush of cumming in a mouth though.

So, one night, when he came to wank, I told him to wait. I had a special surprise. The door bell rang, and a beautiful, chubby, Polish prostitute named Clair, who had enormous jggs came in. She stripped for us, and we got super hard.

I lay her on the ground, and started eating her pussy. She moaned like a whore and rubbed he big tits. I invited Luke over to fuck my ass and watch her moan to the licking. He was strait in there, and began fucking me like a madman. He was pounding harder than even the first time I offered my ass to him. I was started to feel faint and suggested we stop.

“She’s a pro,” I thought. “She can handle his voracious sexual appetite and virgin cock!” So I let him pound her pussy, which he somehow managed to fuck even harder than my ass. She was screaming, and the scene was too much. I went over and jammed my cock in her ass and pounded away.

I reached around to play with Luke’s balls. He did the same. Both pairs where getting very tight and swelling with cum. “Oh god! I’m gonna bust!” he yelled.

“NO! Stop fucking!” I said, and he obeyed. I ordered her to lay on her back, and I straddled her stomach and started fucking her tits. I motioned for Luke to sit next to her head. She turned it, and began sucking his cock. She’d suck, and hum, and deep throat. Giving him the whole experience.

“Look at her tits,” I said, and he did. My cum gushed out and left and thick creamy pool at her neck. He moaned in ecstasy, and let his load loose into her throat, and she eagerly swallowed.

After that we continued our nightly wanks and hired a prostitute every couple of months, trying various colours, ages and sizes. I moved out a couple of years later. We still catch up. He is happily married to a beautiful big tittied Russian, but we occasionally sneak out and we say we’re going to the football game, when in fact we’re engaging in a completely different sport!

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