Breaking News – Couple arrested after ‘engaging in oral sex on flight’

A couple was arrested after landing in Minneapolis-St.Paul last week after allegedly engaging in oral sex on a flight from Las Vegas.Twin Cities locals Teresa M. Kohn, 43, and Tyler V. Boehm, 41, were escorted off the Sun Country plane in handcuffs on January 21 and charged with engaging in gross lewdness or lascivious behavior.According to the police report, passengers witnessed Kohn appearing to perform oral sex on Boehm, who covered her head with a blanket.A woman seated behind the couple said the act went on for five to 10 minutes.However, Kohn denied the claims to police, saying her head was under the blanket for just two seconds.She also said that she and Boehm were just ‘joking around’ about joining the ‘mile high club’.’A joke? Not from what I was seeing,’ fellow passenger Ronda Albers told the Star Tribune. ‘I say that because the movement of the blanket with the head under it led to what was pretty clearly (going on).’Another passenger, Jenney Huschka, said the couple was ‘making out’ throughout the flight and that Kohn ‘was touching’ Boehm ‘all over’.’It was non-stop,’ she said.When a flight attendant took away the blanket, Kohn threatened to file a complaint, Huschka said.’I’m going to have your jobs, and I’m going to get free tickets,’ Kohn allegedly said.After being stopped, Albers said Boehm did ‘the whole leaning back to zip his pants up’ thing and that Kohn’s hair was ‘full of static’ that she tried to pat down.Even before the flight, Kohn was reportedly acting ‘belligerent towards the flight attendants,’ according to the police report.’Kohn was demanding beer before the flight had taken off and was denied,’ the report says.Huschka said Kohn was ‘complaining that they could have stayed at the bar longer and had more drinks and cigarettes’ as the two boarded the plane, and that she saw Kohn drinking from a travel bottle of Fireball whiskey on the flight.The couple plan to fight the charges.’We are getting a lawyer. It’s a joke…That’s all I can say,’ Boehm said.

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