Breaking News – The Melbourne company making Australian-themed sex toys

Physical representations of the phallus have been around for almost as long as there have been penises, which means sex toys are nothing new.What is new is our changing perceptions of them as they become more mainstream and people feel more comfortable talking about them.JD has been running Downunder Toys, a Melbourne based company that manufactures silicon sex toys, for over 20 years.Her company gives a nod to Australia with sex toys inspired by the Opera House, native animals like the Koala and one aptly named ‘Downunder Bliss’.The Koala Kiss is the company’s Aussie ode to the Rabbit and although it looks like a novelty with the cute koala perched on its base, it delivers its sex toy promises.The Sydney Starlet is the vibrator in the shape of the Sydney Opera House, which was designed due to a customer request but proved so popular it stayed on the market.The other Australia inspired toy, Downunder Bliss, is self explanatory, it was designed to create bliss ‘downunder’.Although sex toys provide fun and excitement to customers, there is also a level of seriousness to JD’s job.’It’s so important for a woman to feel her own power, to be in control of her sexuality,’ she told Adelaide Now.’I’ve seen women who have never had an orgasm. When they experience one, they become more confident, more in touch with their body, it’s transformative.’JD explained that they have customers of all ages, genders and sexual preferences.’I recently had an 84-year-old man contact me. He was looking for a gift for his wife,’ she said.’He said she still enjoyed sex and that she’d taken a look at our website and knew exactly what she wanted.’The products are all made in Melbourne using silicon as JD didn’t want to use toxic chemicals, which is what sex toys were made of in the past.’Australian sex toy manufacturing is unregulated, but in the EU sex toys must follow the same health and safety standards as baby chew toys, so that is the standard we’ve always adhered to,’ she said.’The medical grade silicon we use is completely hygienic. You can heat it in the microwave, wash it, sterilise it.’

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