Couples Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Sexual Fantasies [Syfy]

What do you get when you mix a few couples, 10 candles, 200 rose petals and a set of satin sheets? An orgy of honesty, that’s what. Or at least that’s what happened when we asked couples the age-old question: What’s your fantasy?

How would you respond? These lovebirds were all over the map, with their sexual musings touching on everything from monogamy and polyamory to role play and even more daring sexual scenarios. (If you’ve ever dreamed of having an orgasm in an ocean, then you’re not alone, my friend.)

Watch the magic unfold as we take the express train to Sexytown and get some friends to open up about what really gets their freak flag flying.

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Olivia Corbello & Randy Moses

Christopher Augustin & Joshua Whitley

Carly Neuschatz & Yuri Hendrick

Mika Kenyah & Ron Richardson

Junior Producer/Interviewer: Camille D’Elia

Senior Producer: Ryan Wick

Produced by Kings County Productions

Executive Producer, KCP:

Brady Leifer

Director, KCP:

Eric Jankstrom

Director of Photography, KCP:

John Marton

Editors, KCP:

Julie Snider and Eric Jankstrom

Music Courtesy of Audio Socket:

“Henry’s Tango”

Written by Pearl Django

“Boy in the Window”

Written by Tess Henley

“What Am I Supposed to Do”

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