Easy Ways to Get Pregnant – Bringing in the Fun to Conception

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What I’m going to show you in this video is several simple sex improvements intended to make it easy for the sperm to find the egg.

These improvements are based on an established principle. You may have already heard about propping the woman’s hips up on pillows.

This method has been proven time and time again.

The reason this works so well is because when the woman’s vaginal canal is in this position, the semen naturally slides toward the egg

this is our goal – to do everything we physically can to get the semen as close to the egg as possible.

While you may have already heard of propping the woman’s hips up on pillows, you probably haven’t heard of the following three improvements.

These improvements are things you can do RIGHT NOW to turbocharge the process of getting pregnant

and are the core information I wish to share with you today:


For The Man: Get the sperm as physically close to the egg as possible.

The shorter the distance they have to travel, the more likely they are to arrive safely at their destination.

To do this, ensure that the penis is as deep as possible and as erect as possible upon ejaculation.

Getting as deep as possible gives the sperm a head start.

2 For The Couple: Use the Kama Sutra position that allows the deepest possible entry.

This position involves the following: Woman on her back.

Legs pulled up by her chest.

Man on top leaning over her.

The woman’s legs can go over his shoulders or can push against his shoulders.

3 For the Woman: Prop up your hips on pillows and KEEP them propped up for at least 20 minutes after sex.

Relax after the sex.

The man can move to help the woman become more comfortable, but the woman should

spend the entire time with her hips elevated to allow the semen to flow deeper into the cervix.

I recommend using three pillows under the hips and one under your back if that results in a steeper angle.

These are practical and useful techniques and they can be used RIGHT AWAY to improve your chances of getting pregnant,

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