Experts Love These 9 New Sex Toys—And You Will, Too

It’s beyond time to stop feeling so skittish about sex toys.They’re nothing to be embarrassed by and are a completely fun—and sometimes necessary—addition to a healthy sex life.After all, studies show that most women don’t regularly orgasm from sex alone and require a little extra clitoral stimulation to get on board the “O” train.(The right positions can help you orgasm from intercourse more often, though.Try these 5 sex moves that hit your G-spot every time.)And now that you can just order a vibrator right off Amazon rather than awkwardly visit a sex shop, you have no excuse not to give one a shot.These days, there are a seemingly endless—and, frankly, intimidating—number of sex toys to choose from, whether you’re looking for a couples toy to try with your partner or the best vibrator for memorable masturbation sessions.(OK, who wouldn’t want one of those?) But where do you even start? We saved you the, uh, colorful web searching and went straight to the experts, who picked out quality buys for everyone from first-time sex toy users to the most adventurous gadget lovers out there.Here are 9 toys that’ll add a little oomph to your bedroom routine.Get ready for good vibes, hotter foreplay, and even hands-free orgasms.(Even the best sex toys are made better with lube, so be sure to stock up! We recommend this organic lube from the Women’s Health Boutique.

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