How to 69 || DOUBLE ORAL SEX

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We love oral sex, the giving and the receiving, so it makes a lot of sense that we love to 69! In this video, we talk about various tips based on our experiences and what has worked for us to have great connections while playing around with 69, double oral sex! The information we share here can be applied to badasses of all genders and sexual preferences sharing in a 69 setup.

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More dates and details this channel we come together to share about our relationship with one another and the relationships we share with others. We love relating with all kinds of people, having non-traditional connections and sharing our experiences with the world. Some themes on this channel are sex education, compassionate communication, playfulness, authentic “no labels” relationships, freedom, love, and empowering viewers to tap into and follow what feels right for them.

We feel excited and inspired by the way we connect with the world and live our lives. We hope to inspire you to create your own unique, authentic connections and ultimately, to live the life of your dreams.

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