How to Seduce Women – Secret ‘Mind Control’ Seduction Explained

How to Seduce Women – Secret ‘Mind Control’ Seduction Explained

Hey guys! This is Lance from the Go-To Guy. I know that you clicked in this video for a reason, and we both know that reason. You want to somehow improve your dating life.

But I seriously have to warn you that what you’re about to learn is a bit powerful… this may not be the kind of information you expect… this is serious stuff right here.

Do not use this technique to harm any woman. We always promote respect and love for women.

Prominent psychologists consider this ‘secret technique’ as a combination of psychology, hypnosis, and mind control. Experts refer to this is a “dark act”, controversial, unethical, and so on…

But there is nothing wrong with this as long as you respect women along the way…

If you are interested, keep watching…

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Going back…

Seducing a woman is not difficult and the secret about this is definitely not new. This technique is called “Fractionation”.

Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and other popular psychologists have explored this a long time ago; and like I said, they know that this information is too powerful to be just on anyone’s hands.

But here it is the most basic concept…

Fractionation is achieved with just 3 steps.

1. Talk to her about what makes her feel happy.

2. Talk to her about what makes her feel sad.

3. Repeat.

When these 2 emotions are alternated, she will feel that she has experienced both happiness and sadness with you. And the longer you repeat fractionation, the more comfortable she is going to feel being with you… and the more she is going to be vulnerable to manipulation.

Fractionation is not just exclusive for women, you can do this to manipulate anyone to want to do anything for you without them knowing why they actually want to do it. This can work when you want people to like you faster than normal… and if you want people to do things for you…

When you do this with a girl, you will see that she will be attracted to you really fast and easily.

Fractionation is powerful and dangerous. Make sure to use this technique with caution. And when you’re using this to seduce women, make sure that you have good intentions with her.

Remember that this technique works directly with a person’s brain.

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