Just Don’t Be A Dick – GCC Podcast #14 -Transgender Identity, Gender Pronouns & Being Triggered

This week, Mike talks to Josh & Rhys about how society should deal with transgender identity in regards to gender pronouns and how far we should go, bringing up a few odd examples such as a 52 year old man claiming to identify as a young girl. Leading on from this, also brings discussion on the progressive-left & alt-right and how people can’t seem to meet in the middle with issues, caused by stubbornness & toxic tribalism, as well as societal pressures that many of us experience and how that can affect us.

The next episode won’t be released until the first week in March, which is a chat with the YouTuber Steph The Crab, so be sure to tune in for that too!

Last week was part 2 of Mike’s chat with Jonny, where they talk Parks & Recreation, Star Wars, football (soccer), movies & the cinema, paradoxes, contactless card payments, The Office (UK & US) and too many other things to count!

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