Most desired by men sexual fantasies

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List of most desired by men sexual fantasies have sexual fantasies is something normal and healthy, both for men and women. Many experts say the abundance of sexual fantasies to help the established sexual relationship. Something very common in sexual fantasies, even of those fantasies that you have with your current partner we have on our side is that our partners know exactly what we want, how we want it, and you know what we give. One advantage of sexual fantasies, is that they do not suffer negative consequences in your current relationship by fantasize about someone who is not your partner, because it is something that only in your mind. In addition, fantasy allows us to escape from reality, which sometimes comes in handy. For example, you can fantasize with love in the center of the plaza mayor, in a great convertible full of packages of clothing that you’ve bought… something that you would never actually do, but at least you can enjoy imagining it.

In the list of most desired by men sexual fantasies have: 1. sex with two or more women.

2. Oral Sex

3. anal sex.

4 partners masturbate for them.

5. sex with someone who is not your partner.

6 fantasies with your partner.

7. sex with another man.

8 voyeurism and exhibitionism.

9 bondage and sadomasochism.

10 domination.

the source of the images is 20 minutos 1. Sex with two or more women.

If sex with a woman is fun and engaging, assured that doing so with two it is double. If you add a small touch of lesbian, the man gets really horny. In his fantasies, the man is hyper powerful, perfectly capable of causing multiple orgasms in both women. That Yes, it is worth mentioning that when it comes to the truth, according to studies, men do not carry very well this type of relationship and prefer not to have them in real life.

2. Oral Sex this is one of the most common sexual fantasies, both men and women. Something that should not miss to their fantasies of fellatio: that women don’t do it for pleasure but also gives pleasure to herself.

It is also common to fantasize about giving her oral sex. Many women enjoy more oral sex to intercourse, so they, as the great masters of the pleasure that purport to be, also want to give you pleasure in this way.

3. anal sex.

This does not mean that they are half gay, even tendencies to be. The year is an erotic area, especially for men. It would love to many men that his wife gets them with a finger, or penetrate to his wife for the year. Anyway, fear to think that he has homosexual tendencies, it would be rare that your man confess to this.

4 partners masturbate for them.

Seeing their partners (we women) masturbation is something that tends to be on the list of sexual fantasies that almost all men have. In some ways it serves to realize that you, your partner, have so many wishes for sexual activity as he has it.

There is also the fantasy of spy on you while you masturbate in secret. This also comes to them to answer the curiosity for what you do when he is not with you.

5. sex with someone who is not your partner.

It is often a love from the past, a friend or a celebrity. The reasons for this fantasy are not difficult to understand: many want to have relations with a new woman and fantasize about it is the best way to do it without losing your current partner.