Natural Birth Control Method : Avoid Pregnancy for FREE

frameborder='0' allowfullscreen> Determining the time when it is safe to have intercourse without becoming pregnant can be tricky. What are the methods available? How is the safe period determined? Ovulation is the process when during the menstrual cycle an egg is released from the ovary. When the egg passes through the fallopian tubes is when fertilization may take place. Eggs that are unfertilized may live for up to twelve hours. If the egg is not fertilized it is shed from the body in the menstrual period. You are more likely to become pregnant if intercourse takes place just before or after ovulation.

There are a number of changes your body goes through during the menstrual cycle. If you track these changes you can plan when to have or when to avoid intercourse. Currently there are a few methods of natural family planning, the mucus or ovulation method, the symptom thermal method and the rhythm method.

The mucus or ovulation method the cervical mucus is checked during the days just before or after ovulation. When you are more likely to become pregnant the cervical mucus is clear, slick and stretchy much like an uncooked egg white.

With the symptom thermal method you take your temperature everyday with a basal body thermometer and keep a chart. During ovulation your temperature will rise slightly about .9°F. The temperature rise is also accompanied with the changes in cervical mucus and other body changes like, bloating, backache, breast tenderness and pain in the ovaries.

The rhythm method is based on calendar calculations from previous menstrual cycles. This method is used for women who do not have variations in the length of the cycles. Ovulation is usually fourteen days prior to the beginning of the period.

All methods require charting and if you receive training from your physician or an instructor thesis methods have proven to be between 90% and 98% effective when performed correctly. Tracking these calculations can be tricky and difficult with charts and calendars. Wouldnt it be nice if there was a way to calculate the safe period without having to keep up with a calendar or chart of your periods? There are many tools available from apps for your iPhone, downloadable programs, manual diaries and menstrual logs.

There is a web site, named Safe period calculator also available that does all the calculations for you. If you are a women with a regular 26 to 30 day cycle this site will calculate for you the safe date. All you have to do is key in the date of when your last period began and the number of days in your cycle. The program gives you the results of the two-week ranges that it is safe to have intercourse and not become pregnant. Conversely you can use this to determine your fertile days if you wish to become pregnant. This is an easy to use tool that quickly will give you the safe days to have intercourse. Nothing is really simpler and if you use the information provided from this calculator along with the other physical changes your protection from this natural family planning method is as effective as most other forms of contraception.