Pentagon Announces Decision To Defy Trump On Transgender Troops

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Pentagon Announces Decision To Defy Trump On Transgender Troops

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Uncertainties scare us, for sure.

We seek the truth, and from a black or white situation, only one can be the truth…

The case of transgender people is the same. Maybe it’s still early to reach a final verdict on this.

But the need to be certain in a situation is one of the key responsibilities of every soldier’s job. Then, how could we trust these people the decision-making process in certain difficult situations?

Our source, Yes I’m Right reports that The Justice Department decided this Monday that the military must acknowledge transgender recruits, despite the decision of the President to the completely opposite and ban transgender people off entering the military forces.

Is it too late to bring back sanity and choices on a right track?

This July, President Trump announced that he intends to stop allowing transgendered people to enter the military. With this request, he turned around an Obama-period strategy enabling transgender individuals to serve transparently and even receive funds for doing a for sex-reassignment surgery.

Apparently, The Justice Department doesn’t share this opinion. A federal judge this Monday decided that. He denied the Trump’s administration demand to postpone a request requiring the military to start tolerating transgender enlisted people beginning Jan. 1, saying the contention for an additional time appeared to be founded on “dubious cases.”

“With only a brief hiatus, Defendants have had the opportunity to prepare for the accession of transgender individuals into the military for nearly one and a half years,” he stated, and then continued “Especially in light of the record evidence showing, with specifics, that considerable work has already been done, the Court is not convinced by the vague claims in the government’s declaration that a stay is needed.”

And just like that, insecure people will be given a chance to make important decisions about security matters.

Is there anything left to be done?

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Yes I’m Right, The Washington Post.