Sexual fantasy survey shows what both men and women dream about: University of Montreal

A study appeared this week in the Journal of Sexual Medicine detailing the findings of researchers from the University of Montreal who quizzed around 1,500 men and women on their most frequent sexual f-ntsies.

And guess what? The results show that you’re probably a kinky s-x fiend. And so is everyone else. Here are some of it’s surprising and not-so-surprising findings.

Women are much more likely to f-ntasize about screwing a total stranger, 72%, and men are far more interested in getting jerked off by an acquaintance, 66%.

Men are apparently far more interested in hot action with someone of another race: 61% to only 27% of women.

About 40% of both men and women fantasize about tying someone up for s-xual pleasure.

Yet, women fantasize more often about having s-x with a mixed group of more than three people: 56%. Only 15% of dudes are into this.

A surprising 10% of fellas daydream about their lover urinating on them. Only 3.5% of women are into the same.

Things get more more equal on the question of fantasizing about A full 30% of both men and women said they’ll have some of that.

Of the survey respondents, 85% claim to be straight, with 3.6% identifying as homosexual and another 11.3% somewhere in between.


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