‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Finally, The Fantasy Suites Aren’t About Sex

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It’s the week we wait for all season: the fantasy suites. Rachel Lindsay took the final three men to meet her parents, and it seems like they all passed, but now it was time for more one-on-one time. First up was Eric Bigger, 29, since she was still unsure how he really felt about her. She needed him to really say where he was at emotionally — and it worked. He told her he was in love with her, and then reiterated it by saying, “Rachel Lindsay, I love you!” It was actually so cute. They spent the night together.

Peter Kraus, 31, was up next and their connection was obviously really strong. They had a romantic date and were give their own wine cellar — yes, please. They then went to a vineyard and had quite an I Love Lucy moment stomping grapes… except it ended with them making out, and her realizing she needed to tell him she was falling in love with him.

However, the problem was still there: he wasn’t ready to propose. He told her that to him, proposal equaled marriage, and it felt too soon for that. Rachel didn’t agree — she told him that she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, but a commitment, and that was what an engagement meant — not that they have to get married tomorrow, in a few months or even in a year, but that it was serious.

So, how do they compromise? Neither was budging, and both agreed they didn’t know how to move forward from there. And at the end of the “to be continued” episode, she admitted off camera that maybe this was the end for them. We’ll see the duration of the overnight dates (plus Bryan’s) in two weeks, on season finale night.