The History Of Sugar: Sex, Drugs, And Entertainment

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On this episode you will learn:

* What medium chain triglycerides are and the various effects they have on your body.

* When sugar originally entered the human diet.

* What sweet foods signal to our system to do.

* Why having more body fat was once considered an advantage.

* The surprising effects that whole sugar cane has on your teeth.

* Where the first mass refinery of sugar took place.

* How sugar was originally used as a medicine.

* Why sugar was once considered a luxury item.

* How slavery and ethnic diversification are heavily tied sugar production

* How sugar is actually created from sugar cane.

* The interesting history that sugar has with the U.S. stock market.

* How science has proven that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

* Why it’s extremely difficult to villainize sugar (hint: it’s because of love!).

* The deep ties that sugar has to celebrities and entertainment.

* The origins of the candy bar.

* How beverages have become preferred delivery systems for sugar.

* Why sugar has a huge impact on sexual dysfunction today.

* The little known ways that sugar and violence are connected.

* How much sugar people consume today versus a few centuries ago (this will shock you!).

* How sugar actually ends up as fat on your body.

* Some of the most devastating illnesses related to sugar consumption.

* How high fructose corn syrup impacts your body differently than table sugar.

* Valuable tips to help you move past a bad relationship with sugar.

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