The Lactation Farm: A Breeding and Milking Fantasy (Human Cow Impregnation Sex) Audiobook

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Written by Arthur Mitchell

Narrated by Pepper Laramie

Duration 1 hr and 19 mins

Clara’s been watching the handsome stranger in her diner. When she gives into an insane urge to make her presence known, he spirits her away to his ranch, where destiny takes an unexpected turn. Harsh control and toe curling pleasure are what Royce does best. The little waitress he in his barn has no idea what awaits her. To earn his love, her domination must be complete. Life at Royce’s ranch is the fast track to becoming his property for breeding, milking, and unfathomable delightsThe Lactation Farm contains electrifying scenes of breeding sex, lactation play, and the mysterious passions a submissive will weather for her dom’s heart.

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