The Surprising History of Sex and Love With Terry Jones History Full Documentary

History Documentary hosted by Terry Jones, published by Seventh Arts in 2003 – English narration

Terry Jones History Collection Three “History” documentaries from 2002-3: The Surprising History of Sex and Love, The Hidden History of Egypt, and The Hidden History of Rome. Even though these docs are a little old, the historical record hasn’t changed much since then, so they’re not made up of stale info. Terry Jones has definitely put a unique spin on the historical documentary in the past decade. While Medieval Lives and Barbarians are still the best of his work, these somewhat-hard-to-find documentaries are also quality additions to his canon. They are well worth a look for fans of Jones’ historical adventures.

Surprising History of Sex and Love

Exploring the radical change in social and religious attitudes towards sex, this award-winning documentary takes a look throughout history and traces the shift in social attitudes and practices. Terry traces an unexpected route of how sex got from strict social repression to the full-frontal glossies of today.

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