Top 5 Sex Positions For Women You Will Not Miss After Watching This Video


Today, i will introduce to you a new video about sex positions for women. This video includes 5 best sex positions for women, explaining why these positions work well, how to do them, as well as their variations. Keep watching this video full to get more information!

1. Girl On Top,

Why it works: One of the most popular sex positions for women is on top. This position helps them complete control over the angle, depth, pace, and level of stimulation. Moreover, there are a lot of fun variations of the position, which makes it very versatile. Note that it is not a more intense position for men. Hence, your partner can take more time than usual and last longer to reach your peak.

How to do it: Let your partner lie on his back and you climb on top. Your legs are on two sides of his torso. It is usually better that you focus more on rocking the body forth and back than trying to move up and down. You are also able to grind your pelvis in slow circular motions or in a smooth figure-eight motion.

2. Coital Alignment Technique,

Why it works: Coital alignment technique, a clinical-sounding name is known as another of the top 5 sex positions for women. The change of your pelvis alignment is able to allow for the pubic bone of your partner to rub up against the clitoris and bring the type of direct stimulation. This stimulation is necessary for most women to reach orgasm. Because it is very simple to maneuver into from a traditional missionary and it is intimate as well as low-stress, this position is wonderful for shy women who are trying a variety of crazy positions.

How to do it: You start the work in a missionary position. You lie down and allow your guy to sit between your legs and on top of you. You ask him to move his body toward your head. This helps his pelvis have the slightly higher position than your body. Your partner should focus more on rubbing against your pelvis instead of pushing in and out.

3. Doggy Style,

Why it works: There are many effective sex positions for women and doggy style is one of them. This style will give you the super deep stimulation. Moreover, the intensity of this sexual position has a lot of benefits for women who are capable of orgasm from a G-spot stimulation directly or penetration alone. Women who want clitoral stimulation to get orgasm will find it especially easy to use a toy or their hand in this position.

How to do it: To start trying Doggy style in the list of the top 5 sex positions for women, you get on your hands as well as knees and let your guy kneel behind you. While he thrusts away, he should hold onto your hips. You can stay or push the hips back against him.

4. The Bridge,

Why it works: Another of the wonderful sex positions for women is the bridge style. This position has the ability to create extremely deep stimulation, an excellent angle on your G-spot and an impressive feeling of fullness. Your clitoris should be front and center for your guy to stroke or for yourself to reach it and stimulate.

How to do it: Just like the mentioned sex positions for women, you also start in a missionary position and have your partner sit on so that he is sitting on his ankles and spreading widely his knees. While you stay on the back, put your feet on the bed and make your hips curved a bit so that you are in a bridge position. Then he can grab your hips easily and use them for the leverage when thrusting into your body.

5. Sideways Straddle,

Why it works: The last of the top 5 sex positions for women is sideways straddle. This position makes you feel an excellent grinding action. You can get to manage the pace, and exactly decide how much pressure is placed on your clitoris. Furthermore, it is also a unique position and its novelty can make you more arousing.

How to do it: Even though this sexual position is somewhat complicated to get into, it does not make you disappointed. You may practice fully clothed to have a fantastic sense before attempting it naked. You ask him to lie on his back so that both of his feet are flat on the bed. Then you crouch over his body, with one leg between his legs, and another leg on his side. Now, you gently lower your body to your knees and guide his penis into you by using your hand.

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