What Is The 69 Position And Tips To Do It – Sex Dictionary # 7

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The 69 sex position is one of the most famous and popular sex positions in the whole world. Everybody know what it is and in this video you will learn some tips and tricks to do the best sixty nine as a foreplay game.

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Learning how to do an awesome 69 is a must for any person who wants to have great foreplay and great sex. The 69 is a sex position where the men does oral sex to a woman and the woman to the man at the same time.

This simultaneous oral sex game is great fun and a very arousing and exciting sex game. Most people do it as foreplay and previous sex arousal, as it may quite difficult to reach orgasms in this position. The main reason is that it’s not easy to perform oral sex and concentrate on having an orgasm at the same time. In any case is a great way to get visually and sexually excited.

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