Why the doxy is the only toy you will ever need

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Why the doxy is the only toy you will ever need

As someone who reviews sex toys on a regular basis, I’m constantly being asked: ‘But which one is the best?’ The answer to that depends on what you’re looking for. Have you been the victim of a d*ck and dash? If I was choosing the ‘greatest’ adult product ever then it would have to be the Sybian, because nothing is ever going to beat an industrial sex machine that is powerful enough to make the floorboards – and your teeth – rattle. But for regular use, I will state right here and now that you will never find anything better than the Doxy. It’s the toy I keep coming back to, partly because of its simplicity. Instead of having endless options and apps like so many sex toys these days, it does one thing – but it does it brilliantly. It’s also really nicely designed: heavy and sturdy enough to withstand endless sexy sessions but compact enough to pack in your overnight bag. Based on the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand ‘personal massager’, the Doxy was born when founder Will Garland couldn’t f…

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