Zan Perrion | Seduction & The Penetrative Thrust Of Men

NEW SPECIAL OFFER! Get a FREE copy of Zan’s book. Learn more in my latest video: Zan: | | new to my channel, please consider subscribing 🙂 : comments about “How to more develop this thrusting nature”. Here’s a comment reply from me:

“+lamazoidas Great question. We really couldn’t go in depth because this was a short video and I mainly just wanted to capture Zan’s amazing energy. I think the two best ways to develop that lower penetrative nature are: A. Having a purpose (penetrating the world), moving forward in life, working hard at a goal / goals. & B. Facing your fears. (moving out of your comfort zone in any way, asking out a girl when nervous, etc.) Both are things I talk about a lot on my channel. When you are doing those two things, this more assertive, thrusting nature should naturally grow and arise in you. I believe Zan has grown his penetrative nature so much by working hard on his goal of spreading his message of the ars amorata and loving women. When on your purpose / working hard on a goal or goals, you drop this neediness to the world because you have something larger that yourself that you are working for. Thus, zan is “penetrating” the world by working on his goals. If you don’t have a “purpose”, that’s fine. Just have some goal that you are working hard at. Also, another HUGE thing is just having a spirit of adventure, risk-taking, and a desire to take life to the very limit. To FULLY experience and most importantly to ENJOY what life has to offer. (Zan really talks about this a lot in his book) Best, Luke”

HUGE thanks to Zan for making this video with me. Super awesome man. One of the rare names in the “seduction” industry who I really really trust his advice. He speaks from the heart and knows what he’s talking about. Awesome man. 🙂

Edit: I actually disagree with Zan that the “balancing downward energy’ is a “destructive energy”. I don’t like that term. The words I would use to describe that energy are.. a “penetrative energy” or “having a secure ego” energy. Just my thoughts. 🙂

Thanks FreddyFairHair for pointing that out. He didn’t connect with the “destructive energy” language and I agreed with him.

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