Can Rape Fantasies Be Dangerous?

By Marj Oct21,2022

Rape fantasies are not harmful, as long as they are consenting. It’s a healthy fantasy, as it gives the fantasiser power. Women shouldn’t be afraid to have intense sex, and fantasising about rape gives them a sense of power.

Consensual rape fantasy is healthy

The human sexuality experts say that a consensual rape fantasy is a healthy way to explore a person’s sexual desires. However, it is important to define the boundaries between the fantasy and actual rape. One way to do this is by adopting the safe-word. Using a safe-word will prevent the role-playing from continuing if one party becomes uncomfortable.

Another great way to make rape fantasy more fun is to talk about it with your partner. While some people are hesitant to talk about it, doing so can help you have a more positive experience. For one thing, discussing your fantasies will give you a better understanding of what your partner enjoys. Secondly, it can help you to avoid the awkwardness and embarrassment that some people may experience.


One recent study found that over half of women have a rape fantasy. While most of these fantasies involve a surprise act or incapacitation, others involve extreme violence and even injury. The researchers found that most women engage in a rape fantasy at least once a month.

Although rape fantasies are fun and exciting, they shouldn’t be viewed as unhealthy expressions of sexuality or a sign that you need therapy. However, if you are embarrassed about having a rape fantasy, don’t worry. It is normal to have a rape fantasy, and you are certainly not alone.

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There are no studies comparing the health of rape fantasies with other types of sexuality. However, these fantasies are often used by women to explore the boundaries of their imaginations. They also desire to experience forced submission in a safe environment. This is why many women choose not to admit having a rape fantasy. In fact, they hide it or try to hide it, and this often makes them feel conflicted about their sexual preferences.

While rape fantasy plays may be a healthy fantasy, it is still taboo for many people. In general, a rape fantasy involves an unknown partner or person. This makes the fantasy more potent. Besides, it makes women feel irresistible.

Despite the risks, consensual rape fantasies are not harmful if they are well-controlled and are done with consent. In fact, a survey of men and women revealed that more than 60% of women have fantasies about forced sexual activity. Of these, 21 percent of women have frequent fantasies about it.

It gives the fantasizer powerblue haired girl in blue dress

Raped fantasies are unpleasant experiences for the person who has them. In many cases, the fantasiser does not have clear consent or resistance. It is unclear how this happens. However, it is important to note that rape fantasies give the fantasiser power, as they allow the fantasiser to decide who or what will be raped and what response to give. This power is important in rape fantasies because it can optimize one’s subjective sense of self and create a foundation for habituation to the threat.

The power of fantasy is also reflected in the fact that the fantasiser can switch roles. For instance, a fantasiser can switch from being the victim to the tormentor. In rape fantasies, this power is transferred to the fantasiser, making it feel more powerful than the real person.

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