Is Buying Sex Safe?

By MagicMike Mar15,2024

If you’ve ever considered Buying Sex, you’ve probably had some mixed experiences.

There’s no single clear answer to the question: “Is it safe?” After all, you shouldn’t be buying your Sex. But there are ways to find a prostitute who is willing to perform Sex for you. In this article, you’ll discover how to find and select a prostitute and where to find them. You’ll also learn about the dangers of this type of experience and how to avoid it.

Finding and Selecting a prostitute

The gay community has become open about paying for sexual services and finding a prostitute. Many gay men have found prostitutes through online dating sites. This practice may not be legal, but it is a popular alternative to a traditional girlfriend. However, finding a reliable prostitute is not as easy as it sounds. Below are some helpful tips on how to find and select a prostitute.

Experience is an essential factor. Although male prostitutes are no longer limited to clubs, parks, or other public places, clients increasingly want older and more experienced male sex workers. With increased access to the sex trade and the growth of the Internet, the number of available males has increased, thereby reducing the stigma of physical meeting places. Therefore, experience plays a significant role in selecting a prostitute.


The PCEPA introduced a new summary conviction offense against the sale of sexual services, making it illegal to communicate for such services in public, including on playgrounds, school grounds, and daycare centers. The act, however, does not apply to the activities of the potential purchaser, which are covered by section 286.1. As of this writing, this is the only PCEPA provision that targets activities related to the sale of sexual services. However, if you’re planning to buy sexual services in public, you should understand the law’s limitations and the risks.

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Obtaining sexual services for consideration involves an agreement to exchange one product for another or money or other consideration. It can occur online or in person in strip clubs, body rub parlors, or even on the street. While the acts may be legal, a criminal charge can result, including a five-year prison sentence and escalating fines. Also, when minors are involved, a potential victim can be a family member or employer.

Buying sex services is illegal in Canada. High rates of rape and sexual aggression characterize this crime. Moreover, men who pay for Sex have higher scores on psychological measures related to impersonal Sex, hostile masculinity, and empathy for prostituted women. Further, studies have shown that the psychological risk of procuring sex services from a stranger can be increased significantly when the purchaser is a minor.


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