Pornhub Becomes a Lightning Rod for Public Outrage

By MagicMike Apr29,2023


Ponohub, known for being one of the raunchiest places on the internet, is a social media site where users can upload any type of explicit video they like to. Like a video game achievement system, models are also rewarded when reaching certain goals on Ponohub.

Problematic is that too many users are posting racy content, while the site is unreliable in policing it; resulting in a surge of dodgy videos from child porn to rape that have appeared.

These stories would typically generate public outrage, much as Pornhub became an easy target of politicians and law enforcement alike.

As a result, it was the focus of an incendiary New York Times column written by Nicholas Kristof in late 2020. Kristof argued that the site has been used to facilitate sexual trafficking and assault, calling for a stronger moderation process.

Additionally, adult websites have become an easy target for hackers who exploit its immense popularity to spread viruses and adware – one security firm estimates that ads on adult sites are one of the leading causes of phishing attacks.

As is true of most websites, ad-supported porn sites stand out as particularly risky because of their abundance of spammy and potentially malicious ads, often leading users to end up with malware installed on their PCs.

MindGeek, based in Montreal and operated by businessman Bernard Bergemar as reported by Financial Times, owns this platform. However, they have come under criticism for being slow to respond to reports of non-consensual pornography as well as failing to respond quickly enough when reports of sexual trafficking on its platform come in.

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