Rape Fantasies Common?

By Marj Jun22,2022
Rape fantasy

Is Rape Fantasy Common Among Women?


Recent studies show that as many as 62 per cent of women experience some kind of erotic experience. While this is disturbing and disturbingly realistic, it is important to make a distinction between sexual fantasy and actual rape. Women who engage in rape fantasies do not wish to be raped, and the fantasies they have are not sexual assault.

Studies have shown that men and women can have rape fantasies, although this hasn’t been studied as much as women’s fantasies. According to sex therapist Susan Block, most human fantasies are acculturated by culture and are not natural. In contrast, rape fantasies are entirely different from other types of sex fantasies. Nevertheless, they do have many similarities.

According to a recent study, more than half of all sexually active women have fantasized about rape. In fact, half of these women describe themselves as rape fantasies during sexual intercourse. Of these women, 62 percent have imagined themselves being raped. This number has since risen to over 50 percent for women, as opposed to only 47 percent among heterosexual men. However, the study’s authors maintain that these fantasies are a normal part of sexuality and do not necessarily signal a real rape fantasy.

Despite this lack of evidence, it is still possible to have a rape fantasy if the rape is constrained by a strong desire to sex with the person fantasizing. This type of fantasy is often uncontrollable and happens despite clear consent. The individual fantasising the rape fantasy has a sense of power and control over the imagined event. He or she can negotiate the actual lived sexual situation with a trusted partner and achieve total control over his or her daydream.

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