Stoya Fleshlight Masturbator Review

By MagicMike May30,2023


Stoya is this generation’s single-name porn model rock star; she defies traditional labels. One of the first alternative models to break mainstream porn, Stoya quickly gained fans on Pornhub and OnlyFans; additionally, she hosts her own website featuring curated smut content curated by herself!

So it comes as no surprise that she would commission a Fleshlight to bear her name – it is a tightly-molded masturbator with multiple textures and bumps designed to provide multiple pleasurable sensations as you use it. Starting with tight orifice with rings of studs leading into dome filled with smaller nodes that strike against all angles when entering, and ending in dome filled with smaller nodes which hit you from all directions as soon as your shaft goes in. Due to all its nodes and textures it can be challenging when cleaning it so for optimal use use it is best used with water-based lube.

Fleshlight stands out with an attention to detail that is both impressive and stunning – from its textured outer sheath to the inner sleeve with its ribbed and ridged texture, housing six chambers that deliver pleasurable sensations when thrusted into. Bumps and ribs add friction as you push up and out through its orifice; some users have reported finding its intensity too intense for novice users, yet alt porn stars rely heavily on it as a stamina training masturbator!

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