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By Marj Dec12,2022

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to express yourself? Are you ready to let your inner child out and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of balloons? If so, then looning is perfect for you! Read on to learn more about this exciting activity and how it can bring joy into your life.

– Introduction to Looner
– What is a Looner?
– Types of Looners
– Benefits of Being a Looner
– Safety and Hygiene Practices for Looners
– Popular Items Used in Loony Play
– Community Involvement for Loony Players
– Social Stigmas Around Being a Looner
– Tips on How to Get Started as a Newbie Looner

– Open vs. Closed Sessions for Solo or Group Play

– Differentiating Between Fetish and Non-Fetish Loony Play

– How to Find Local Communities or Events for Loony Players

– Creative Ideas for Solo and Group Activities with Balloons

– Exploring the Emotional Benefits of Engaging in Loony Play
– Conclusion

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Looner is a type of play involving balloons. It comes with benefits, but also requires safety and hygiene practices. There are different types of looners and items used for loony play, as well as open or closed sessions for solo or group play. There are local communities and events for loony players, as well as creative ideas for solo and group activities with balloons. Exploring the emotional benefits of engaging in loony play is also important.

What is a Balloon Porn Fetish?

Whether you are a newbie to the balloon porn fetish or an old pro, there are a few things you need to know before you become a member. Read on to learn about the origins of the fetish, the types of people involved, and how you can find a balloon porn fetish that is right for you.

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Origin of the fetish

Often referred to as a “looner”, a balloon porn fetishist is a person who likes to pop and use balloons. The fetish focuses on the visual, tactile and smell of the balloons.

The balloon fetish community grew in the 1990s with the advent of the internet. This increased awareness of the fetish and allowed the balloon fetishists to find support online.

Balloon fetishism has evolved into several sub-genres. Some fetishists enjoy popping the balloons while others prefer to sit on the balloons.

There are also people who enjoy watching the bubbles that the balloons produce. Another sub-genre is bubble-gum looning. This involves blowing up balloons that are made from bubble-gum. This fetish is closely related to the balloon fetishism of Pinkie Pie.

Some balloon fetishists prefer to use PVC inflatables. These are generally larger than the smaller balloons and have human like qualities. Other balloon lovers are drawn to the textures that the balloons leave against the skin.


Having a balloon fetish involves playing with inflatables. It may involve using air pumps or snuggling with balloons. They also can be used in sexual acts.

Some fetishists use balloons as penis substitutes. Others enjoy the arousal a balloon can create. Some balloon lovers are turned on by the texture of the balloon against their skin. Depending on the type of fetish, the design of the balloon can vary.

For some people, the act of bursting a balloon is a metaphor for death. But for others, it’s an adrenaline rush.

Another group of balloon fetishists enjoys the process of inflation. Some even buy a specially made inflatable suit. They experience sexual arousal when the balloon is inflated. They might like the anticipation of popping the balloon.

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A third group of balloon fetishists likes the idea of bursting a balloon. This can be achieved by either releasing the balloon in all directions or by making it explode.


Those who like balloons may enjoy watching others pop them. This is a type of balloon fetishism known as bubble-gum looning.

These days, many people with balloon fetishes have access to the internet. This means they can find a variety of sites to get their fix of this fun-filled fetish. Here are some of the most popular ones.

There are three main types of balloon fetish: popping, semi-popping, and non-popping. Each type has its own perks and downfalls.

The balloon popping fetish is one of the most recognizable sub-genres. The act of bursting a balloon can create a sexually stimulating effect. However, for some, it can be a cause of anxiety.

The most important factor when deciding on which balloon to pop is the size. Six feet or larger are usually large enough for adults to play with. Those looking for larger balloons should consider a specialist store.

The other factor is the design of the balloon. The most popular colors are red, yellow, and opaque.


Using balloons for sexual acts has been a fetish for many people and balloon porn can be found on many sites. One such site is Italoon. Although this site does not have the most professional models, there are a number of amateurs who upload their content to the site. Italoon is part of the Clips4Sale movement and costs EUR23 for a 30-day membership. After the first 30 days, the subscription fee is EUR21 per month.

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On Italoon, users can participate in a variety of sexual acts that include squeezing and popping balloons. They can also engage in bouncing and over-inflating balloons. There are also several professional models who are featured on the site, as well as a Yahoo Group with over 3500 members. Italoon is an Italian website and has plenty of amateur content, but it is still a great place to spend some time watching balloon fetish porn.

Another type of fetish that is centered around balloons is bubble gum looning. On this site, the user produces balloons by using a bubble gum product. The user can then watch others produce balloons.



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