I Have No Sex Drive and My Husband is Mad! What Should I Do?

Your relationship may be suffering from a lack of sexual desire, but there are ways to improve the situation.

Sex is one of the best ways to relieve stress and arouse the senses. It releases feel-good chemicals such as nitric acid, which increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, and lowers blood pressure. While you may be mad about your lack of libido, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it may be just a temporary phase of the relationship.

While it may be tempting to blame sex as the root of your relationship’s problems, it’s important to remember that sex is far less important than the overall dynamics of your relationship. While you and your husband have a sexual problem, focusing on the relationship’s underlying problems will be more productive.

If you and your husband are experiencing the same problems, it’s important to seek help.

Your lowered libido may be caused by multiple factors, including stress and body dysmorphia. For this reason, counseling, plastic surgery, and medications can be helpful.

Sometimes your low libido is a sign of an underlying disease. Blood tests can help determine if there’s a physical problem.

Whatever the cause, you can take steps to make your husband want you again.


By Marj

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