Which of these Sexual Fantasies Are Yours???

By Marj Dec12,2022

There are many different sexual fantasies, and what is considered “common” may vary depending on a person’s individual experiences and desires. Here is a list of some common sexual fantasies that people may have:

Being dominant or submissive
Being sexually adventurous or exploring new things in the bedroom
Role-playing or dressing up in costumes
Being tied up or restrained in some way
Having sex in a public place or where there is the risk of being caught
Being watched or watching others have sex
Group sex or threesomes
Having sex with someone who is considered taboo or off-limits, such as a friend’s partner or a celebrity
Being seduced or seducing someone
Being dominated or dominating someone
Being objectified or objectifying someone
Voyeurism or exhibitionism
Of course, this is just a small sample of the many different sexual fantasies that people may have. The important thing is that any fantasies that a person has are consensual, legal, and respectful to everyone involved.

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By Marj

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